What We Should Do For Our Pastor


What We Should Do For Our Pastor

 Pray for him: No one needs your prayers as much as he who stands to preach the truth of god's Word.

Believe in him: If he can know you believe in him with all your heart, he will be encouraged to do his best.

Stand by him:  Support his visions and dreams for the your church.  If your church had confidence enough in his ability to call him as your leader, then stand by him.

Talk him up:  Never run him down!

Give him a fair trial:  All any person can ask is an honest opportunity to prove himself/herself.  Give your pastor that opportunity.

Treat him generously:  Churches have often been stingy with their pastors.  A little generosity will not only make his way smoother; it will also challenge him to show his appreciation by working harder.

Help him conserve time for study:  Any person who speaks as often as he does must spend a great deal of time in study and prayer.  Protect hi time so he can devote himself to this task.

Praise him when he preaches well:  He doesn't want flattery, but sincere compliments are always appreciated.

Criticize him only to his face and always in love:  We can at least be men and women who meet each other openly on any matter.  But more than this, we are Christians who practice love in all our relationships.