BCBC Laymen's


This ministry includes all the men of the Church (regardless what position or office held) except the Pastor.  The laymen in the church have the task of taking whatever action is necessary and effective to strengthen the church and strengthen brotherhood in relationship in the church, community and in economic and social programs.

Contact Person:
Deacon Tedles Templeton - 785-248-1046





To enlist and coordinate the manpower of the local congregation for an effective performance of essential Christian activities.

To cultivate the Christian life of laymen through study, worship, fellowship and service.

To enlist unchurched men for fellowship in service and service through the church and to bring unsaved men into vital relations with God in Christ through personal commitment to Him.

To inspire men to support the total program of the Church in the local congregation, the community, and denomination and the world.

Goals and Objectives

To cooperate with the Pastor, officers and other organizations or ministries in developing and stimulating the work of the Church in the local congregation


To enlist all the men in active Christian service to the Church through local congregation.

To keep men aware of their duties and obligations as members of the Church through the local congregation.

To foster in men an intelligent loyalty and devotion to the Church through the local congregation.

To inspire men to support the financial program of the Church, both locally and denominationally.

To promote boys work in the local church


To reach unsaved men with the Gospel and to win them to God in Christ through a personal commitment plan.

To persuade unchurched men to renew their fellowship to the Church through the local congregation and to strengthen their faith in its message and program.

To promote the establishment of Christian homes and to guide the family toward fuller Christian development and cooperation.